Facebook for Business

Promote your products on Facebook with our catalogue feed service with standard event tracking.

Voracio automate your Facebook catalogue feed

Voracio provide an automated, highly reliable daily xml feed service. This service automatically syncs your website catalogue to your Facebook product catalogue. No third party feed services are required, you're good-to-go with Voracio.

There's no limit to the number of products in your feed. Images are optimised and automatically cropped to ensure optimum display on your Facebook ads.

Facebook pixel with standard event tracking (Client Side plus Conversions API)

Facebook event tracking helps to empower your Facebook ads so you can reach a more relevant audience, provide a more personalised ad experience and optimise your ad campaigns towards better business outcomes. Events take place either as a result of Facebook ads (paid) or organic reach (unpaid).

If you've browsed a website and then at a later stage noticed that same company and likely the same products you'd viewed on the website showing directly within your Facebook feed, that's event tracking doing its thing. In the ad world this is known as remarketing.

Should you wish to advertise with Facebook, the Voracio Commerce platform is integrated with the Facebook pixel, client side plus Conversions API. Events such as View content, Add to cart, Purchase, Lead, Contact etc will all automatically work when we enable Facebook tracking for your site. Custom events can also be developed on demand to meet your particular requirements. No technical involvement is needed from your side, no third parties, it's all handled by us as a commonly used feature on our saas ecommerce platform, all part of our fully managed ecommerce.