Empowering you and your customers with exceptionally detailed and powerful features

Instinctively good front and back end features prove Voracio to be a leader in class platform to grow your business online. No coding required with our fully managed ecommerce services.

In-house feature development

Voracio is stacked with professional grade ecommerce features. Every aspect of our work is highly considered with many of our core site features being incredibly detailed, such as our attribute and filter management. We're proud to take our feature development to a level many platforms simply overlook, that fine detail that really makes a difference. Many of our features are interlinked with each other, one benefits another, making for efficient and robust usability both front and back end. Our features evolve and clients benefit from periodic updates as part of our SaaS cloud platform offering. Websites from our portfolio of successful online retailers really are the proof in the pudding.

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Store design and layout

Store design and layout - Little Angels Screen

Professional in-house design

Your site will be designed with attention to detail by our in-house design team. Design visuals of core site pages are provided prior to theme building.

Customer centric design

We'll understand your needs, wants and challenges, alongside those of your customers, working closely with you to ensure a site design that keeps hitting the mark.

Modern responsive layout

Optimised for mobile to large desktop, site-wide from home page to checkout, all of our features have been designed to display seamlessly across multiple devices.

Banner design theming

With each initial build we provide a range of custom designed banners themed to enhance your identity, we can provide photoshop design assets so you can utilise these moving forward.

Menu layout recommendations

We work with you to understand your product hierarchy so that we can style a clean and well structured site navigation that you can maintain with ease and flexibility.

Custom icon sets

We often design custom icon sets that beautifully reflect your identity, crafted as lightweight SVGs for optimum display performance.

Landing page variations

You'll have a lot of flexibility for building landing pages, we provide a variety of layouts often customised for your individual goals.

No coding skills necessary

Voracio removes the headache from working with page layouts, all visuals that we provide can be built using Voracio page components.

Much more than a site theme

Our experienced design service continues post launch as we deploy well considered updates to your site, we can also provide on-going creative design services.

Product Information Management (PIM)

Product Information Management (PIM)

Incredible product detail, made easy

Voracio's powerful attribute management is the backbone of our incredibly powerful product management. Our clients are empowered to supersede their competition with superior product data.


Unrivalled product attribute management, utilised heavily by our most successful retailers. A level of detail most other platforms simply cannot provide, this is one area in particular we're super proud of.

Attribute sets

Easily build hierarchical attribute sets, making your product attribute data super structured. Drag and drop organisation into public or private groups.

Intuitive clean cut interface

Every aspect of the Voracio manager has been built with usability in mind. An incredibly detailed content management system free from a steep learning curve.

Product photo management

Easily manage product photos with the Voracio media library. Uploading photos and assigning photos to variants is a breeze.

Built with SEO in mind

Due to the sheer amount of content you can assign to products, the opportunity for adding rich product content is vast.

Videos and downloadable resources

Easily assign videos and downloadable resources such as pdf docs from the Voracio resource manager.

Product feature bullets

Much more than bullets! Use attribute data to dynamically build a feature area to make your most important product attribute data stand out.


Easily assign services such as warranties, workshop services and more. Build services in the Voracio services module.

On-site marketing & promotions

On-site marketing & promotions

Base discounts

Quickly create discounts and ‘smart target' them to products. Used fixed discount, percentage or special prices.

Smart targeting

Easily target products that should be included (or excluded) dynamically using attribute assignments or product level assignments. No scripting required.

Schedule promotions

Promotions including base discounts, voucher codes and more can be scheduled easily using active from and to date/time pickers.


A fantastic choice of banner templates covering a broad range of responsive layouts. Combine text with images for increased SEO. Schedule banners and banner group display.

Product vouchers

Granular control over product vouchers using ‘smart targeting'. Choice of types of discount and voucher usage/validity.

Face value vouchers

Easily create fixed, percentage or special price discounts to be applied to the whole shopping cart. Smart target for granular control.

Quantity discounts

Apply fixed, percentage or special price discounts to pre-assigned quantity thresholds. Buy 5 get 10% off, Buy 10 get 15% off and more.

Discount promotions

Configure discounts with extra informative content such as icons, links and tooltip content to help you promote the discount incentive.

Product bundles

Place products into bundles and apply fixed, percentage or special price discounts to items within the bundle.

Product stickers

Utilise our product stickers module to add extra exposure to promotions and discounts, smart target qualifying products.

Storefront user experience

Storefront user experience

Product filtering

Leader in class product filtering provides users with an efficient method of fine tuning product listings. Choice of filter types including checkbox, swatch, range slider, search and more advanced capabilities.

Dynamic categorisation

Listing pages are powered by attributes meaning your pages are always up-to-date with the latest products.

Customer reviews

SEO optimised display of customer service reviews with a choice of third party independent review providers.

Product reviews

More ‘pro' than traditional review provider widgets, we host raw review content and use that data to provide powerful filtering, ordering and display of product review data.

Sorting scores

For more intuitive control over product listings, here's where our advanced sorting formulas and sorting scores shine through. Target any product attribute and even combine with sales performance.

Tried, tested & proven layouts

Home page, landing pages, listing, detail and checkout pages, all built with our years of proven conversion rate optimised layouts. Fantastic page structuring from mobile through to large desktop.

Efficient checkout flow

We've fine tuned our checkout flow to create a great customer experience and reduce checkout drop outs. Our Loqate address lookup integration further speeds up the checkout flow.

Decision making content that delivers instinctive customer interaction

The combination of our well considered page elements alongside your quality content, fine tuned for information hungry customers, ensures customer site usage becomes instinctive.

Stand out from the crowd with stunning website imagery

Uploaded the best quality, largest image size you can and we'll handle the performance and optimization from there. We adapt image display specific to the device and browser of your users.

Comprehensive range of payment providers

Comprehensive range of payment providers

Serving countries worldwide, we're integrated with leading payment providers. We also have intuitive front end features to promote finance, payment plans and deposit payments.


Offering incredible global online payments, Adyen is fantastic for expansion into new regions.


Formerly SagePay, Opayo has been a go-to payment gateway for UK retailers for many years.


The long established checkout solution of choice for many online retailers, normally offered in addition to a regular card payment provider.

Novuna Personal Finance

A leading UK online and point of sale finance provider, our integration with Novuna sets the gold standard for user experience.


An established leader in the ‘Shop Now, Pay Later' pool of payment providers. Smooth integration with Voracio makes Klarna payments super simple.

Payment Assist

Payment Assist is a UK finance provider offering customers an alternative payment method so they can spread the costs over a debit card.


Flexible payment plans for online shopping, Partial.ly offer instalment payments as part of the Voracio checkout process.

Exposure of finance and plans

We've developed features on our product pages to promote the offering of payment plans with indicators such as "Get this from £20.00 per month".

Order with deposit

Ideal for special order products, allow users to checkout by paying just a deposit percentage.

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

Powerful SEO features with proven results, feel empowered!

Voracio is stacked with an abundance of content driven and technical SEO features. We're veterans of search engine optimisation and have ensured our platform is stacked with the tools and strategic opportunities you need to succeed with the most cost effective form of online marketing.

Beyond borders

Store currency channels

Grow sales in new regions with store currency channels, each channel having its own unique URLs. Streamlined management through one Voracio manager.

Localised currencies

Automated via location detection plus manually switchable currencies, currency conversion rates regularly updated, display and transactions use the localised currency.

Psychology pricing

Optimise the display of prices by using our psychology pricing, converted prices can be set to round up/down to show clean looking pricing.

Worldwide payments

Expand into new markets, reach more customers and increase foreign conversions by offering localised payment methods.

Accurate shipping costs

Voracio is capable of building complex delivery calculations. Products can be ‘smart targeted' to rules with priority ordering. You can configure delivery rules so that you won't get stung with inaccurate delivery costs.

Country specific Google Shopping API feeds

Each currency channel can have a dedicated Google Shopping feed, powered by the Google Shopping API. Each feed is complete with its channel specific URLs, pricing and delivery costs.