Our integration allows your customers to pay by instalments over a period that suits them.

Flexible payments plans is a payment plan provider, it can work as a great alternative to finance and other 'buy now pay later' providers. It lets your customers pay for the things they really want, but may not be able to purchase with a single upfront payment. Your customer can choose to pay for their order at a rate that matches their finances, making it much easier for them to get that big ticket item they've had their eye on, increasing sales and conversion rates for your business.

You'd be surprised at how many people are more than happy to pay by this method, it has proven incredibly popular for a number of our merchants. No credit checks are required, not even a soft check, because the risk is eliminated by the products usually only being dispatched when the plan is paid in full. This means the customer can pay over time, but not be concerned with a possible impact on their credit rating. Generally speaking, for most of our merchants using, they only deliver the goods once the payment plan has been completed in full.

Payment plan options are shown on the product page

A payment plan section is displayed on the product detail page, it takes the product price and shows the user an indication as to the plan costs. The user is shown some intro content to explain what is and can then click a button to open up the plan calculator which has a great user experience. is displayed as an option to pay in the site checkout.

The basic options for the customer are the downpayment, duration and frequency, the choices for each of these three make it very flexible.

Baby Carrier to Buy Payment Prompt Payment Calculator

Instalment payments are synced to Voracio

Once an order has been placed using, the instalments are pushed back into the Voracio order manager, the order is marked as paid in full only once all instalments have been made, at this point the customer's order is good for despatch.