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Voracio utilises Google's Content API for Shopping V2.1 which means many advantages over a traditional XML feed.

Beyond a Google Shopping product feed service

We've taken the time and effort to build an advanced integration with Google's Shopping API, its something we're pretty proud of! More advanced than a traditional feed, this programatic approach is faster, more efficient, more stable and is the choice for demanding retailers wanting a competitive advantage. Our experience is that many online retailers aren't even aware of this advanced method (which surprisingly includes some ad agencies whom our merchants have commissioned) of syncing product data to Google Merchant, but its something we've now been doing for several years.

Google Merchant API Dashboard

The biggest advantage with this method is the close to real time updates of your product data, no more waiting once a day for Google to pick up your latest data feed. We send product changes 24/7, as we identify them, in real-time. For example you might use our base discounts feature which would lower the price of hundreds of products in seconds, these products would instantly be synced to Google Merchant programatically through our API integration, ensuring your ads are showing the new lowered price.

Super Rich Data

Voracio comes as standard with powerful product attribute capabilities, our merchants are empowered to easily add highly detailed information to their products, all of which gets pushed to Google through the API. This means the data quality score at Google can easily surpass that of your competitors, giving you a competitive edge, because we all know that Google is hungry for top quality content!

Google Performance Shopping Ads

We've also developed a great feature that allows reserved Google attributes (such as colours, sizes, energfy rating etc) to map directly to attributes in Voracio. Custom labels can also be mapped to Voracio attributes which is great for passing Google ad instructional information programatically.

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